July 20-22, 2020

Tahoe City Volleyball Camp at Lake Tahoe California

10th annual camp!

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Indoor volleyball camp


Early Registration price $260


Early registration price will be extended until May 1 due to COVID-19. As of now, all camps are planned to proceed as as scheduled since camps are in June and July. 

April 1 $265 

May 1 $270

June 25 $280 

(price includes gift)

Register for a second camp and receive a $40 discount! Donner Lake Beach Volleyball Camp July 13-15, 2020. Use coupon code ADDCAMP when checking out.  

North Tahoe High School

2945 Polaris Road

Tahoe City, CA 96145 

Lake Tahoe, California

Please park in upper parking lot by back gym (near football field). 

We are proud of our coaches. This volleyball camp will include:

  • Mike Welch, former head coach of the USA Youth National Team, Idaho State University, and University of North Florida
  • Terry Stafford, former head coach at William Jessup University, also named to Sacramento High School Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Chelsea Overholt, former assistant coach at California State University Stanislaus, Club Director of Pinnacle Tahoe.

Full coach bios >>>

Volleyball Camp Information

Tahoe City Volleyball Camp in Lake Tahoe, California




Lake Tahoe Volleyball Camp in Tahoe City, California

Located in beautiful Tahoe City on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Indoor volleyball courts at North Tahoe High School. The ultimate summer location with days in the mid 70's to low 80's, the only thing hot is our play!  A great escape for those down the hill, and of course the stay-cation for our locals.

This camp has expert skills instruction and fun games to help players of individuals of all levels from 5th through 12th grade and high school teams prepare for the season. We have a fun positive atmosphere and proven training curriculum.

This fast-paced camp brings peak performance to each training session. Our professional coaches help you become your personal best. Based on the experience levels of participant groups, training is adjusted for appropriate level of challenge. Training begins with a focus on skills and position training. Team systems training in offense, defense, and transition is integrated into the camp experience. Warm up to music. Drills progress from high feedback skills repetitions to fun fast paced game-like scenarios. We use HDTV video for demonstrations and visual feedback. Fun games are mixed in throughout camp. The camp finishes with a tournament! Be ready for the season. Take your game to the highest level. 

Our court coaches are dedicated professionals. Most have experience as a college head coaches or assistant coaches. They are excellent at personalizing with each player.

Our staff has reached their peak earning national rankings, NCAA Tournament appearances, Conference Championships, Coach-of-the-Year awards, and coached numerous All-Americans and USA Olympians

We love to coach. Our staff is passionate about volleyball and really enjoy working with youth players. We are positive and mindful coaches teaching life lessons with teachable moments. We want our players to have a growth mindset, focus on mastery and being confident in their journey to become their personal best. We grow through effort, learning, and adjusting from our mistakes. We have the knowledge, experience, creativity, positivity, and passion to help you reach your peak. 

See our volleyball coaching staff bios >>>

Come with friends. Make new friends. We have a comfortable and welcoming environment that allows us to get to work, take risks, and open the door for improvement and peak performances.

Tahoe City Volleyball Camp in Lake Tahoe, California

Camp Agenda



Day 1

9:00am    CHECK IN at North Tahoe School. Get a Peak Volleyball gift! 

9:00am    Session: Serve, Pass and Serve Receive

11:30am  Lunch break

12:30pm  Session: Set, Attack and Continuous Games

3:00pm    Session ends                

Day 2

9:00am    Session: Serve Receive

11:30am  Lunch break

12:30pm  Session: Floor Defense and Team Defense

3:00pm    Session ends       

Day 3

9:00am    Session: Block and Transition

11:30am  Lunch break

12:30pm  Session: Tournament!

2:50pm    Camp awards and Presentation

3:00pm    Camp concludes 

What to Bring

  • A great attitude with passion and energy!
  • Full water bottle
  • Court shoes (no black marking tread)
  • Knee pads
  • Shirts (no low cut), shorts or spandex,
  • Athletic tape, braces, inhaler, EpiPen, or other medical needs?
  • Phone/Camera TURNED OFF

Tahoe City Volleyball Camp in Lake Tahoe, California




It's about you. Helping you become be your best. Pursuing your dreams. Overcoming your challenges. 

Individualize. Personalize. Compassion. Empower. 

Core Values to Reach Your Peak 

  • "Be my best." Become the best version of you! Compete against yourself. Become a better you. One up yourself. Be your best self
  • Growth mindset. Open to new ideas. Make changes and improve through hard work, focus, and dedication.
  • Believe. Confident in your focus and effort. Know that you are on a path to success. Caring for your teammates and having confidence they are giving their best.
  • Mastery Path to Success. If it works, repeat it. If it doesn’t change it.
  • Positive Cumulative Effect. Improve 1% each day. In 100 days you will be 100% better, twice as talented. 1 key personal goal per day. Commitment, dedication, perseverance, and focus on improvement.


What you get with our volleyball camps:

  • Experienced staff with the ability to help players of all levels advance their game. See our volleyball coaching staff bios >>>
  • Positive and motivating atmosphere.  Our staff adjusts to being more nurturing for beginners, to keeping it challenging, positive and moving forward for the more advanced players.
  • Skills, position training, situational scenarios, performance enhancements, and games that progress from establishing a solid foundation to building effective and efficient competitive play.
  • Camp Tournament
  • Improve during camp and after too.  Our "carry-forward" training enables our participants to know their key words with skills to continue to improve when they are on their own.
  • Our camp participants get a personal web-based log in to have full access to online visual resources  to continue improvement at home. Resources include short skills videos and volleyball memes. 
  • We teach visually. Short videos, picture memes, and demonstrations. The best way to replicate is by seeing then doing. We have done a lot of back end work to make this a fun, fast, easy, and streamlined process! 
  • Visual video feedback with court-side tablet technology.
  • Speed radar gun to improve power in serving and hitting. We teach arm swing mechanics, then unleash them with the speed radar gun. Nothing makes a person hit harder than clocking the speed.
  • Fun fast-paced music to get warmed up moving and energy in the gym right from the start.
  • We are team building experts.  Volleyball is the ultimate team sport.  We teach how to be amazing teammates on and off the court.  It is built into everything we do.

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