Learn How to Play Volleyball

Learn how to play volleyball

  • Learn how to serve in volleyball
  • Learn how to pass in volleyball
  • Learn how to set in volleyball
  • Learn how to attack in volleyball
  • Learn how to block in volleyball
  • Learn how to dig in volleyball

Use Key Words to Direct Attention and Focus

Learn how to play volleyball. Key words for volleyball skills help players learn, focus, and improve quickly. Here is how it works. Research has demonstrated that players will retain skill improvements better when they learn in a "whole to part" training process. This means that players should complete whole skills or game sequences while focusing on one part of a skill at a time. See keys for skills below.

Key Words for Volleyball Skills

Key words for volleyball. Learn how to play volleyball.

Serve: Skill Key Words for Serving in Volleyball

  • Start left foot forward, and step with left foot pointing to target (right foot for left handed players)
  • Open hips and shoulders (80°)
  • Elbow and hand back and high
  • Low (toss) lift in front
  • Finish pop high five to target

Pass: Skill Key Words for Passing in Volleyball

“My ball” commitment and pursuit

  • Wide base
  • Medium Posture (Short stop hands on knees)
  • Hips forward with shuffle steps
  • Feet to ball early, Platform out early
  • Wrists down (elbows locked)
  • Shrug and Press platform to target

Set: Skill Key Words for Setting in Volleyball

  • Compact posture (hands at mid-body)
  • Get to center line early
  • Feet to ball early
  • Right foot forward
  • Square to front target
  • Hands in shape of ball early (hairline)
  • Full extension (“Superman”)
  • Freeze extension (hands high at finish)
  • Location (height, depth, zone)

Attack: Skill Key Words for Hitting in Volleyball

  • Compact posture
  • Approach slow to fast (3 step for right handed attacker)
  • Loaded right foot forward
  • Left directional small/slow step 
  • Right acceleration to open step, foot at 
  • 80° angle to net
  • Left close/arms back and explode 
  • Throw arms high, elbow back and high
  • High wrist snap 
  • Follow through to target
  • Land on two feet

Floor Defense: Skill Key Words for Digging in Volleyball

  • “My ball” commitment and pursuit
  • Wide base
  • Low posture (can touch floor with hands)
  • Hips to target, shuffle steps
  • Be stopped at hitter contact 
  • Platform ALWAYS to target
  • Stay on feet (when possible)

Success: Key Words for Success in Volleyball

  • “My Ball” commitment and pursuit
  • Ball up. Your body must always be between the floor and ball.
  • Angles and momentum to target with ball contacts. 
  • Balls on our side of the net should aim high and off net.
  • IN to WIN: Get ball over the net and in one more time than your opponents to win.


Key Words with Whole to Part Training (pdf)


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