Private volleyball lessons Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, CA

Private volleyball lessons in Truckee, Lake Tahoe, and Monterey, California

Get individual personalized lessons to help you become your personal best. We have amazing coaches available in Truckee, Lake Tahoe, and Monterey, California. 

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Our coaches have extensive college coaching experience

Build your foundation with expert coaching. Raise your level with coaches who have trained USA Olympic athletes, college All-Americans, and have awarded millions of dollars in college scholarships. Reach your peak!

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What we do

  • Personal attention from coaches who have experience as college head coaches, college assistant coaches, and former professional beach volleyball players.
  • Set individual goals to focus improvement in specific areas.
  • Focused training to improve goal areas. Lots of touches and specific detailed feedback.
  • Opportunity for video analysis.
  • Empower players to take ownership of their game, learn the value of hard work and how to focus on their unique strengths.
  • Overall physical fitness, training on the beach is an incredible workout for total conditioning while  improving their indoor and outdoor game.
  • Have lessons carry-forward with teaching to use a volleyball journal to set specific and attainable goals, and creating a weekly plan to keep on task and moving forward.
  • Besides skill development in each of the foundation skills and advanced strategy in offense/defense, life skills are incorporated into all trainings. Sports are an incredible vehicle for this.

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