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Host a high school team volleyball camp

Be #1. We focus on your team. Your goals become our goals!

We bring our amazing experienced coaching staff, expertise, technology, props, give-aways, and more to your gym by leading a 3-day volleyball camp experience for your teams, feeder schools, and special interest groups

We don't force an agenda on you. We work with your coaching team to create the opportunities you want your team to experience. We will ask you questions throughout the experience to keep the program on task with your goals.

We make it easy for the coach!  Pick your dates and we make it happen. Full details below.

  • Confirm available dates with Mike Welch by phone 530-448-0519 or by email at
  • Reserve dates and deposit. We will tentatively hold your request for dates at no charge until February 1, or for 2 weeks after this date. To lock in the camp, the deposit is the equivalent to 5 camper registrations to secure dates and confirm the camp. We will send you an agreement and all the materials you need to get your players registered and collect medical release forms either through our online portal or with a custom brochure. See payment options below.
  • Balance payment or minimum required registrations are due 30 days before camp begins. Additional registrations will be accepted after this time based on court and coach availability.

Cost is $209* per player. Price includes camp gift for all participants, a "bonus" game ball, all staff travel, local transportation, room, and board. No additional expense or coordination needed from your group! See full pricing details below

Information to Host a Volleyball Camp at Your Site



Cost and Payments


See our volleyball coaching staff bios >>>

Peak Volleyball Camps is an excellent choice for high school volleyball teams. We create a dynamic comprehensive program including fundamental skills training, advanced position training, team systems training, game scenarios, competitions, and team building. Courtside HD video, speed radar to improve power, and other technology integrated into a custom camp experience for your team in your gym! We cater to the goals and needs for your group. We take our agenda and emphasize your agenda! The key is a sound foundation, discipline, consistency, effectiveness, efficiency, proficiency, team work, and passion. Let us help you guide your group down the path of success, pave it, and make it happen.

Have your team work with expert coaches. Our coaches are dedicated professionals. Most of our staff have experience as a college head coaches or assistant coaches. They are excellent at personalizing with each player, have great vision with team systems, and are dynamic in helping you develop a comprehensive team plan.

Our staff has reached their peak earning college national rankings, NCAA Tournament appearances, Conference Championships, Coach-of-the-Year awards, and coached numerous All-Americans and USA Olympians

We love to coach. Our staff is passionate about volleyball and really enjoy working with youth players. We are positive and mindful coaches teaching life lessons with teachable moments. We want our players to have a growth mindset, focus on mastery and being confident in their journey to become their personal best. We grow through effort, learning, and adjusting from our mistakes. We have the knowledge, experience, creativity, positivity, and passion to help you reach your peak.

It's about you. Helping you become be your best. Pursuing your dreams. Overcoming your challenges. 

Individualize. Personalize. Compassion. Empower. TEAM.

Core Values to Reach Your Peak

  • "Be my best." Become the best version of you! Compete against yourself. Become a better you. One up yourself. Be your best self
  • Growth mindset. Open to new ideas. Make changes and improve through hard work, focus, and dedication.
  • Believe. Confident in your focus and effort. Know that you are on a path to success. Caring for your teammates and having confidence they are giving their best.
  • Mastery Path to Success. If it works, repeat it. If it doesn’t change it.
  • Positive Cumulative Effect. Improve 1% each day. In 100 days you will be 100% better, twice as talented. 1 key personal goal per day. Commitment, dedication, perseverance, and focus on improvement.

Our Team Retreat Camp TM experience focuses on 5 core areas in team development:

1. Skills foundation and position training

2. Team systems and game scenarios training

3. Competition (tournament)

4. Team building integration and developing a championship team culture

5. FUN. Having a fun and positive experience together builds team cohesiveness!

We develop your team's foundation with critical skill development, along with team systems training. Serve and passing skills are turned into an efficient serve receive system. Hitting and blocking skills are transformed into a dynamic defense to offense transition attack. Our staff connects the dots between fundamental skills and team performance. We have lots of competitions built in too! Our systems training (like serve receive, transition offense...) turn the drills into competitive game scenario situations. The camp concludes with a capstone competitions

Team building is our specialty!  We incorporate team cohesiveness as a part of everything we do. Team interactions are the glue that keeps our team strong and united.  It is what fills in the cracks and makes our team invincible.  We systematically build a championship team culture into every session. 

We create a fun, positive, fast-paced and high energy atmosphere. All of our camps include hands-on consultations and professional development.

Host Supplies:

  • A great attitude with energy!
  • Players
  • Reserve gym
  • Set up courts (1 per 12-15)
  • Inflated balls (1 per player)
  • Flip Scoreboards (1 per court)
  • If you are outside of CA, NV, OR, AZ, UT, ID, MT or WY, please supply:
  • HD-TV (with both HDMI and USB ports)
  • Sound system
  • For Fixed-Rate camp, you supply 1 coach per 12 players

Players list

  • A great attitude with passion and energy!
  • Full water bottle
  • Court shoes (no black marking tread)
  • Knee pads
  • Shirts (no low cut), shorts or spandex
  • Athletic tape, braces, inhaler, EpiPen, or other medical needs?
  • Phone TURNED OFF

You get the players, supply the gym and volleyball equipment, and Peak Volleyball does the rest!

Feel free to contact Mike Welch at 530-448-0519 or email with any questions.

Host a satellite volleyball camp at your high school


Cost and Payments


Why we are #1 for your team: 

  • Our ALL-INCLUSIVE price covers all travel, accommodations and meals for coaches (unlike other programs)
  • Your own camp domain and web page like dedicated to your camp for player registration and/or camp information
  • Printable .pdf brochure created specifically for your camp to print and e-mail your participants
  • Online registration and credit card payment option available for your camp participants. If you choose, participants may pay camp fees directly to Peak Volleyball, eliminating your need to chase down checks and forms from your players! These payments can replace the camp deposit and final payment!
  • Proven high-energy experienced coaching staff. Every camp will be led by a professional coach who has worked in the Peak Volleyball/Team Retreat Camp program and has experience as a college coach!  Mike Welch leads many of these camps, and can be contracted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • We create a fun, positive, and fast-paced atmosphere.
  • We dynamically build your goals and points of emphasis into the curriculum. We don't force a round peg into a square hole.
  • Meme and Do ™ with courtside screens is our new fun way to immediate improvement. Look at one of our exclusively created volleyball memes, and then do it. It's that simple. Turn memes into action! Look at a meme, and immediately add it into your game.
  • Simple key words for "carry forward" retention
  • HD video demonstrations and tablet for portable individual court-side visual analysis
  • Speed radar gun proven to increase arm swing speed and a lasting impression with the players to go all out!
  • Free shirt for every participant and coach
  • Free "bonus" game ball for the team. Use for bonus points during practice sessions.
  • Motivational daily "Personal Best" awards
  • Team building experts
  • All camp participants and coaches receive with their registration exclusive access to the Camper Resources Login to help improve daily. Includes: Volleyball memes with skill keys and core values, Camp videos of skills and team systems, Links to Positive Articles and Stories for players, Free 98 page team building book, Bringing Teams Together by Mike Welch, and Coaches article downloads
  • Professional development opportunities for your coaches within the camp experience.
  • One-Year complimentary consultations with coaching staff regarding recommendations for training, team playing systems, and other team functions.
  • Insurance coverage for host, participants, and facilities. Insurance certificate with your site listed as additional insured.

Typical schedule

9:00am-3:00pm daily We can adjust the time schedule and agenda to accommodate your group’s goals and needs. We work with you to make it an awesome experience.


Day 1

9:00am Check in.  Get Peak Volleyball gift!

9:00am Session: Serve, Pass and Serve Receive

11:30am Break

12:30pm Session: Set, Attack and Continuous Games (special setters session)

3:00pm Session ends 

Day 2

9:00am Session: Floor Defense and Team Defense

11:30am Lunch break

12:30pm Session: Block and Transition Offense

3:00pm Session ends

Day 3

9:00am Session: Advanced Position Skills or Fundamental Skills Recap

11:30am Lunch break

12:30pm Session: “Bonus” Situational Games (Specialized games with specific points of emphasis)

2:50pm Camp awards and Presentation

3:00pm Camp concludes 


Cost and Payments

Cost and Payments

Cost and Payments

We have 2 camp options to choose from to fit your budget: 

Championship Camp

Complete turn key option

Peak Volleyball runs the whole camp.

  • Cost is $209* per player with a minimum guarantee of 24 participants
  • *Add $30 per person if outside of AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, and WY. Add $40 per person if in Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Deposit is $1,000 or 5 player registrations.
  • Price includes all staff travel, local transportation, room, and board. No additional expense or coordination needed from your group! Other organizations charge more for these expenses.

The Championship Camp is an all-inclusive 3-day camp program which provides everything  We do it all!  Peak Volleyball supplies a coach for each court, covers all travel expenses (lodging, meals and transportation), and leads a camp that has your players reaching their peak with skills training, advanced positional training, game scenarios, competitive sessions, and team building for your players. We provide expert training by experienced staff and an awesome high-energy atmosphere. Pick from the Peak Volleyball Camp (foundation camp), Peak Volleyball Performance Camp (advanced camp) or Team Retreat Camp agenda. Reserve early so that Mike Welch can personally lead your camp. Dates are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Fixed-Rate Camp

Lowest price option

Our lead coach utilizes your coaches to implement the activities. Great professional development option.

  • Cost is $4180**. This works out to be $209 per player if you have 20 players. There is no extra charge for additional players. 
  • **Add $600 if outside of AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, and WY. Add $800 if in Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Deposit is $1,000 or 5 player registrations.
  • Price includes all staff travel, local transportation, room, and board. No additional expense or coordination needed from your group! Other organizations charge more for these expenses.

The Fixed-Rate Camp is a 3-day camp program where Mike Welch or another expert coach comes to your site and works with your coaching staff in leading a camp for your players. Our expert coach works with all the participants and your coaches to create a camp experience to reach your peak.  Additionally, your coaches get hands-on professional development experience with using effective skill key words, running drills and games, setting various tempos, developing coach and player initiated activities, scoring systems, feedback mechanisms, and more!  Pay for 20 participants and have as many as you would like. Your group is required to have a minimum of 1 coach and court per 12 participants at each session to assist running drills and game scenarios at the camp program.


Select Payment Option 

We understand that many groups pay for volleyball camps in many different ways.  We are here to help you navigate and simplify the process. We accept payments in many different ways. 

1.  Paid directly by individual player registrations to Peak Volleyball.  This is a great way to go. You don't need to collect money or medical release forms from the players.  No more chasing players down. Peak Volleyball creates a .pdf brochure (that can be emailed or printed) and an online registration portal with your unique domain specifically for your camp.  Parents choose their method of payment(brochure form with a check, or online with credit card) and complete the medical release at the same time.  Simple!  Done!  This money is paid to Peak Volleyball and goes directly towards your deposit and final payment. If Peak Volleyball collects money above your amount due, you will receive a refund check.

  1. Peak Volleyball creates an online registration portal for your parents to pay by credit card or Pay Pal. Parents will automatically complete the medical release through this method at the same time. This money goes directly to Peak Volleyball and off sets your deposit and final payment. We obtain a web domain like so your players can find it easily!
  2. Players can print and mail the registration and medical release form found on the .pdf brochure with their payment by check directly to Peak Volleyball.
  3. Note:  Feel free to contact us anytime to get a list of who has registered from your group.

- OR - 

2. Paid by the group.  This can include the team/group paying from various funding sources such as fund raising, booster club, donations, team budget (I know that one was funny), or players paying registration fees to the school or booster club.  Once the money is collected, use one of these three methods to make your deposit and final payments:

  1. Pay for the group by check (school, booster club, team parent, coach, other).  Request an invoice to help you get this completed.
  2. Pay for the group by school purchase order. Request an invoice to help you get this completed.
  3. Pay for the group by credit card online.  You can pay the deposit or any amount towards the final payment.
  4. Note:  If you choose to have players pay registration fees to the school, booster club, or other, we will create a registration form on the .pdf brochure that has the information and amounts the way you want it.

If paying by credit card, use Payment button below to pay your group deposit, or to make a final balance payment for your reserved Satellite Travel Volleyball Camp. Change the quantity to the number of registrations you would like to pay. 

If you need an invoice, please contact Mike Welch with your name, school name, address, email, phone, and the number of players you would like on the invoice. Need more information or have questions specific to your proposed camp?  


  • The minimum deposit amount for a travel camp of $1,000 or 5 player registrations is non-refundable.
  • Additional registration refunds follow our published Refund Policy under our Terms and Conditions.
  • The balance is due 30 days prior to camp and is subject to the minimum amount listed in the agreement.

Printable Camp Brochure >>> 

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