July 10-12, 2018

This is the 20th Year of the Team Retreat Volleyball Camp. For girls high school Varsity, JV and Freshmen team. Check for updates a few days before the first day of the camp.


Since 1998, the Team Retreat Camp was at the University of North Florida and Berry College. It is now back in Jacksonville at the beautiful JJVA Volleyball Training Center! This camp sold out the last 3 years in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Register your deposit early to save your space!

JJVA Volleyball Training Center

Beautiful new 12 court facility

8457 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256

  • Cost is $250 per player, includes lunches each day and gifts (recommended 8-12 players per team)
  • First coach free
  • Additional coaches $30 (includes lunches and gift)
  • Pay 3 player registrations to save your team spot. Final payments due 30 days before camp begins.

Optional Overnight Accommodations and Meals at the Embassy Suites Baymeadows.  Two-room suites sleep up to 5 people. Hotel includes complimentary cook-to-order breakfasts. Rooms are $120, which works out to be as low as $20 per person per night for accommodations and breakfast. Two minute drive or 10 minute walk to JJVA Training Center.  

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Volleyball Camp Information



Team Retreat High School Volleyball Camp in Jacksonville, Florida

The Team Retreat Camp TM is for high school Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams. Peak Volleyball Camps is an excellent choice for high school volleyball teams. We create a dynamic comprehensive program including skills training, team systems training, game scenarios, competitions, tournament, and team building. Courtside HD video, speed radar to improve power, and other technology is utilized to help teams improve. It's about building the dream, a championship team culture, and cohesiveness to reach your peak. 

See our volleyball coaching staff bios >>> 

Have your team work with expert coaches. Our court coaches are dedicated professionals. Most have experience as a college head coaches or assistant coaches. They are excellent at personalizing with each player.

Our staff has reached their peak earning national rankings, NCAA Tournament appearances, Conference Championships, Coach-of-the-Year awards, and coached numerous All-Americans and USA Olympians

We love to coach. Our staff is passionate about volleyball and really enjoy working with youth players. We are positive and mindful coaches teaching life lessons with teachable moments. We want our players to have a growth mindset, focus on mastery and being confident in their journey to become their personal best. We grow through effort, learning, and adjusting from our mistakes. We have the knowledge, experience, creativity, positivity, and passion to help you reach your peak.

Our Team Retreat Camp TM experience focuses on 5 core areas in team development:

1. Skills foundation and position training

2. Team systems and game scenarios training

3. Competition (tournament)

4. Team building integration and developing a championship team culture

5. FUN. Having a fun and positive experience together builds team cohesiveness!

We develop your team's foundation with critical skill development, along with team systems training. Serve and passing skills are turned into an efficient serve receive system. Hitting and blocking skills are transformed into a dynamic defense to offense transition attack. Our staff connects the dots between fundamental skills and team performance. We have lots of competitions built in too! Our systems training (like serve receive, transition offense...) turn the drills into competitive game scenario situations. The camp concludes with a capstone tournament

Team building is our specialty!  We incorporate team cohesiveness as a part of everything we do. Team interactions are the glue that keeps our team strong and united.  It is what fills in the cracks and makes our team invincible.  We systematically build a championship team culture into every session. 

Participants receive a free camp gift!


Camp Agenda

Optional Overnight Accommodations and Meals 

  • Lunches are included for all participants at the JJVA Volleyball Training Center.
  • Optional (additional cost) blocked hotel rooms at the Embassy Suites Baymeadows for your team through Avanti Travel Group. Two room suites sleep up to 5 people. Hotel includes complimentary cook-to-order breakfasts. Rooms are $120, which works out to be as low as $20 per person per night for accommodations and breakfast. Two minute drive or 10 minute walk to JJVA Training Center. Save your rooms now >>>
  • No host dinners on your own. We will have specials with fun activities available for all the teams. See camp schedule.

Sample Camp Schedule

Our unique team building activities and developing a Championship Culture is integrated into each session. Lunches included for all participants at the JJVA Center Court Cafe. Optional lodging and complimentary breakfasts through Avanti Travel Group. 

Day 1 

8:30am    CHECK IN at JJVA Volleyball Training Center. Get a Peak Volleyball gift!

9:00am    Session: Serve, Pass and Serve Receive

11:30am  Lunch included, served at JJVA Center Court Cafe

12:30pm  Session: Set, Attack and Continuous Games

3:00pm    Session ends 

Unofficial beach party. Meet at Jax Beach after camp! Dinner on own. 

Day 2 

9:00am    Session: Serve Receive

11:30am  Lunch included, served at JJVA Center Court Cafe

12:30pm  Session: Floor Defense and Team Defense

3:00pm    Session ends 

We recommend shopping and dinner at the St. Johns Town Center. Dinner on own.

Day 3 

9:00am    Session: Block and Transition Offense

11:30am  Lunch, served at JJVA Center Court Cafe

12:30pm  Session: Tournament! Wear team themed attire.

2:50pm    Camp awards and Presentation

3:00pm    Camp concludes 

What to bring list:

  • A great attitude with passion and energy!
  • Full water bottle
  • Athletic clothing – shorts/spandex, shirts (no low cut), socks – one set for each gym session
  • Kneepads
  • Court shoes – do not have to be volleyball specific but should have non-marking soles and good traction
  • Athletic shoes that can be worn outside (i.e. running shoes or old volleyball shoes)
  • Knee pads
  • Athletic tape, braces, inhaler, EpiPen, or other medical needs?
  • Wear team themed attire for indoor tournament.
  • Money for snacks and camp store
  • Phone TURNED OFF and put in a safe place

Additional list for overnight participants:

  • Toiletries
  • Pajamas
  • Alarm clock
  • Leave electronics at home (no computers or tablets)



  • Most of our court coaches have experience as university head coaches and assistant coaches.  Check out some of our bios >>>
  • Experienced staff with the ability to help players of all levels advance their game.
  • Positive and motivating atmosphere.  Our staff adjusts to being more nurturing for beginners, to keeping it challenging, positive and moving forward for the more advanced players.
  • Skills, position training, situational scenarios, performance enhancements, and games that progress from establishing a solid foundation to building effective and efficient competitive play.
  • Camp Tournament
  • Improve during camp and after too.  Our"carry-forward" training enables our participants to know their key words with skills to continue to improve when they are on their own.
  • HDTV video demonstrations with software that allows us to visually cue the keys to successful execution.
  • Visual video feedback with court-side tablet technology.
  • Speed radar gun to improve power in serving and hitting. We teach arm swing mechanics, then unleash them with the speed radar gun. Nothing makes a person hit harder than clocking the speed.
  • Fun fast-paced music to get warmed up moving and energy in the gym right from the start.
  • We are team building experts.  Volleyball is the ultimate team sport.  We teach how to be amazing teammates on and off the court.  It is built into everything we do.

Printable Camp Brochure >>> 

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