Volleyball Performance

Key Words

Learning should be clear and easy to follow. Improve your volleyball performance. With just a few key words, players who attend our camp program can easily implement and self-correct their skills. Instruct a player who has attended our camp to demonstrate: 1. Wide base, 2. Short stop posture, and 3. Freeze platform to target. They can immediately show you great looking passing technique. Our key words are simple, fast, clear, visual, and initiates recall to what they have learned.

Courtside Video

We have created video demonstrations and use video telestrator technology to emphasize key learning points. We use split-screen video analysis so players can visually see what they do great, and where they should focus for improvement.

Technology and Speed Radar

We use cutting edge technology that top colleges use to improve in your development. We will use speed radar and arm swing mechanics training to develop more overhead power. Your overhand serve will improve on the first day!  We know a tough serve gets you in the line up and scores points!  


Mindful and Teachable Moments

We are a cadre of staff that are passionate about volleyball and really enjoy working with youth players. We believe in the power of positivity. We are mindful coaches teaching life with teachable moments. We believe in embracing a growth mindset. We want our players to focus on mastery and being confident in their journey to become their personal best. We grow through effort, learning, and adjusting from our mistakes. It will show every minute we are at camp with you.  We have the knowledge, experience, creativity, positivity, and passion to help you reach your peak. We have Positive Coaching Alliance certified coaches on staff.

Championship Atmosphere and Culture

Trust is key for any successful high school volleyball team. We teach building trust. We strive to create a camp environment with a championship atmosphere and culture to improve your volleyball performance. We emphasize a dynamic program of skills training, team systems training, competitions, and team building. We are team building experts. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport.  We teach positivity and how to be amazing teammates on and off the court. 

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